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10 Steps to Replace a Window

10 Steps to Replace a Window

February 9, 2019
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Window Replacement

If you have had a high quote for replacing a window, why not do it yourself? DIY window replacement is actually not as difficult as you may think, and you will save a lot of money.

Here are ten steps to replacing a window that should make the job easier, and ensure you get it done correctly.

1. Buying Your Windows


You are best replacing like for like, so check carefully. You most likely need windows that are known as a replacement or insert windows. These are designed t be put in where windows have been before, rather than in new-builds. Check with the supplier that you have the right kind.

2. Measuring Up

One of the most important factors in DIY window replacement is getting the measurements right. You need to be accurate all-around, measuring from top to bottom and across, from inside the frame. Check and double check, as the wrong size simply will not fit.

3. Be Careful

Replacing Windows

The delicate job of removing the old glass is a vital part of DIY window replacement. Make sure you remove the trim and stops without damaging the surrounding frame. This can be done using a small knife to cut the paint and then prizing the glass out carefully. Remember to keep the stops for replacing.

4. Take Care of Details

If your windows are sash windows or have cords and weights, you need to make sure these are removed and kept aside. In some cases you will need to buy new cords, and this is advised for the best effect. Once you have done this, you are ready to try your new glass.

5. Roughly Install

New Windows

Before you go ahead and do the final job, try a rough install to see that everything fits. This way you will be able to see where you need shims, which you will!

6. Using Shims

There is a strong likelihood that you will not be presented with an exact fit, no matter how accurately you have measured, so be prepared to use shims to fill in gaps. Do be careful if there are large discrepancies, as it may be easier and cheaper to re-order the window to size.

7. Remove all Packing

Window Fitting

Always check that you have removed all the packing that comes with new windows – typically small clips in the sash area designed to protect it – as it is easy to overlook some and it will hamper your fitting.

8. Now Fit the Window

Apply the caulk around sill and slot your window into space. Check it is square, and then use your shims carefully wherever you need them. Screw in provisionally – don’t over-tighten just yet – as instructed, and fit all headers and other parts in place.

9. Test the Window

Check Windows

Check for smooth operation of the window, and adjust as and where required.

10. Finalize Everything

Now you can finish tightening all screws and installing the stops, as your window is ready to go!

Follow these steps and you will find that DIY window fitment is not difficult, and you could save a great deal of money.