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5 Things You Need to do Before Calling a Locksmith

5 Things You Need to do Before Calling a Locksmith

March 21, 2019
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Security is essential, both in the home and for commercial and industrial properties, and the basic security device is the lock. We all have locks on doors, windows – and on garages, cars and perhaps sheds and outbuildings – as well as at the office, factory or wherever your business may be.

Whether you have the best high security padlock or not, sometimes, you put the key in the lock, and it won’t turn. Your immediate response is to call out a locksmith.

However, even professional outfits such as Berkshire Expert Locksmiths – a leading locksmiths Reading residents can use in an emergency – will advise you that there are 5 things you can try before you go down that route. Let’s have a look at what they are.

Before we go on, it might be worth noting down the name and number of the locksmith Reading service we mentioned, in case none of the following gets you out of your predicament!

Try These Before You Pick Up the Phone

1. Oil the Lock

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Locks can jam easily, especially if they are of the older type, and all locks use many moving parts inside. These need lubricating from time to time, and your locksmith in Reading will tell you that the first thing they will do when called out is to try lubricating.

A small dose of WD40 or other lubricants can often free a lock that is refusing to move, saving you a call-out fee.

2. Has the Door Dropped

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Sometimes a door can exert an extreme force on its hinges, or some of the screws may have become loose. In this case, the door could drop and even a minor amount is enough to affect the operation of the lock.

Try lifting the door – you will do better with a second person on the job – and then try unlocking it; this often works.

3. Try Moving the Key around

Car Key

Sometimes the pins in the lock become worn, and sometimes this can also apply to the key. If you try slowly taking your key out and putting it back in the lock, or moving it from side to side when it is in the lock, you might find that it opens eventually.

If this is the case, you may wish to have new keys cut, or have your lock replaced. In the first instance, we recommend you go back to point 1, and lubricate the lock. It is amazing how often this solves the problem.

4. Pull  the Door Towards You

Door Key

If you pull the door towards you – against the direction of opening – while turning the key, this can overcome any obstacles that may be occurring in the lock. It’s worth trying a few times and often works.

5. Spare Key

Spare Key

Finally, try your spare key. It’s worth keeping one in a safe and secret place outdoors. You might find it works because your main key has worn and no longer fits.

That’s five tips that might work, but if not, search for a locksmith near me and you’ll soon be back in action, and you may find their rates are not as expensive as you expect.