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Best Siding Materials for Homes

Best Siding Materials for Homes

April 12, 2020
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Best Siding Materials for Homes

There are some things you can do to the outside of your home to make it look tidier and more attractive. Yet, it is all too easy to forget about outdoors and concentrate on keeping the inside clean and cosy! If you have not given the exterior of your home a refresh for a while, why not step outside and have a look at it. In particular, take a look at the sidings, as they can become very worn and start to degrade. What’s the answer? Have them replaced!

You might think this an expensive idea, but in fact, new sidings can not only add value to your home but also protect it. What material should you choose when you are looking at having your sidings replaced? Let’s have a look at what is available, and what current trends in sidings are right now.

The Main Sidings Materials

There is a choice of materials that can be used for sidings, as follows:

Wood Sidings

Wood Sidings

The choice for most homes and a traditional one, wooden sidings are the choice if you want your home to keep the look it was given when built. However, it is quite a high-maintenance choice, as it needs to be painted correctly and kept in top condition if it is to last its lifetime against the weather it will be exposed to. If you check local Connecticut siding contractors such as James Hardie Siding you’ll find they can offer you a variety of different wood finishes, too.


Metal Sidings

The use of sheets of aluminium or steel for sidings is becoming ever-more popular, especially when used on more modern buildings. Tough and resilient, it is perhaps not as attractive as wood, but it serves the purpose very well. Modern manufacturing techniques have allowed for metal sidings to be produced that, from a distance, look very much like wood, but the major advantage is very low maintenance. If you choose plastic-coated sidings – a popular option – you can get as much as 35 years of use from metal.


Vinyl Sidings

One of the more recent innovations in sidings material has been that of vinyl, which can be bought in vertical and horizontal strips that are slotted together. The advantage of vinyl is that it does not require painting – it can be bought in a wide variety of colours – and is low-maintenance. If a part cracks, it can simply be replaced. Vinyl sidings can last as long as 50 years, too, making it one of the most long-lived of all materials.


Fibre-Cement Sidings

This modern material can imitate wood very well and requires next to no maintenance. In comparison to some other options, it is quite expensive, but it will last 50 years and some installers offer guarantees of that duration. It’s also one of the more attractive options and is popular with people wanting a traditional look without the potential problems that come with wood.

That’s the four main materials that you can choose for your sidings, so have a closer look now and get the outside of your house looking great again.