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Ceramic Tiles, the Pros and Cons

Ceramic Tiles, the Pros and Cons

February 18, 2019
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Ceramic Tiles

One of the few types of flooring that can work in most rooms in a house is ceramic tiling. Although it is generally used in bathrooms, kitchens, foyers, receptions and other areas with a high level of traffic, there are other possibilities too.

In properties located in warmer climates, incidentally, use tiling effectively in bedrooms and living rooms too. Therefore, if you want to choose a failsafe flooring option, choose to tile. However, as good as it is, no flooring option is completely perfect.

Before you rush out and book a tile flooring installation in USA, therefore, it is a good idea to assess the pros and cons of this material and solution.

Easy to Maintain

Ceramic tiles when used as flooring, are easy to look after. As all liquids, stains, and dirt lie on the surface, they can be wiped or mopped away easily.

To regularly maintain this kind of surface, you just need to vacuum with the softest brush attachment or manually sweep to get rid of any loose debris or dirt. Even when set-in stains od build-up, they are normally easy to clean using heavy duty cleaners that don’t damage the ceramics.

They are Tough and Durable

Ceramic Tiling

This kind of flooring is known for their durability and, as such, are very difficult to break. When tiles have been installed by qualified professionals, they can have a lifespan that stretches over decades and decades, if they are looked after properly. Even if a tile does break, it is rather easy to replace.

They are Affordable, Mostly

On the one hand, ceramic tiles are one of the most cost-effective materials for flooring, even when installation cost and per tile cost is considered. Mostly. For standard design tiles and a DIY installation, that is the case.

However, when you start looking at professional tilers and more aesthetically-pleasing tiles, the price starts to go up and can cost just as much as top-grade carpet or hardwood.

A lot of it comes down to how difficult it is to install and on the type of tiles.

Very Hard


Although ceramic tiles are very tough and hard, they are extremely easy to maintain and clean. The downside is that also makes them less comfortable and harder to stand on, especially compared to softer flooring materials.

Furthermore, unlike other flooring types, it can’t be softened using underlay with padding. As a result, it could be that it is unsuitable for areas where people will be standing for a long time.

They are Water Resistant

One of the main reasons that tiles are commonly used in laundry rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and other wet areas, glazed ceramic tiles are coated with a protective layer making them resistant to stains and water and high humidity conditions.

However, there are some tiles that do not have the same glazed coating, like Saltillo tiles. In order to protect against stains and liquids, they need to be sealed. As with any form of tiling, the grout used in between them can suffer from stains and moisture and therefore needs to be sealed regularly to keep it protected.