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How Hygienic Wall Cladding Sheets Are Reducing Staff Absences In Schools

How Hygienic Wall Cladding Sheets Are Reducing Staff Absences In Schools

June 17, 2019
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Hygienic Wall Cladding Sheets

Absence management in schools is under the microscope as sickness levels rise – prompting more schools and academies to invest in hygienic wall cladding sheets. They have the ability to stop common colds and bugs from depleting staff numbers by significantly improving hygiene in schools. Schools admit they are having to use large chunks of their budgets to cover staff absences.

CleanClad, the leading supplier of hygienic wall cladding to UK schools, says effective cleaning can stop illnesses in their tracks. A spokesman said: “Corridors and classrooms are a hotbed of germs. They need to be cleaned thoroughly to reduce risks to both staff and pupils. It makes sense to make the cleaning process easier and quicker by cladding walls with an easy-to-clean surface.”

School hygiene and hygienic wall cladding sheets

CleanClad - Versatile Commercial Kitchen Cladding

Many school buildings are cleaned at night – too late to stop many common causes of illness from infecting students and teachers. CleanClad is so easy to clean it can be wiped down and sanitised regularly – without the need for more cleaning hours.

The spokesman points out: “When you think of the number of people in school buildings, you can gauge the potential risks. Coughs, sneezes and dirty hands touching surfaces are all a danger. Our products make it easy for high traffic areas to be thoroughly cleaned at regular intervals.”

Currently, teachers take an average of four days off per year due to illness. Any absence can have a significant impact on the operation of a school. When absences run into several days, the need for costly temporary cover is overwhelming. The need to resort to relief teaching staff is expensive and often inconvenient.

Cleaning in schools and the need for robust hygiene

School Hygiene

Hygienic surfaces in schools can significantly reduce the risks of illness. They offer the first line of defence for staff and pupils, ensuring germs aren’t around long enough to cause harm. CleanClad is used in a wide range of educational establishments, including universities and day nurseries. Available in inspiring colours, including high-gloss finishes, it is the modern way to rid school buildings of hard-to-clean painted and tiled walls.

The CleanClad range includes hygienic wall cladding sheets, ceiling cladding, trims and high-grab adhesives. All the PVC products are impact resistant and benefit from a Class 1 fire resistance rating. Importantly for schools, they are non-toxic and fully recyclable. Cost-effective and effortless to maintain, CleanClad is the effective, efficient hygienic surface for school environments.

Hygienic wall cladding sheets for schools

School Hygiene with Wall Cladding

Schools can learn more about CleanClad and its many benefits by visiting Easy to install, hygienic wall cladding sheets can be installed with traditional hand tools and adhesives. For a professional installation, CleanClad operates a nationwide installation service. It can turn projects around in a matter of days. For those who want to install the cladding themselves, orders are normally fulfilled in 1 to 3 working days.

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