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10 Closet Organisation Ideas

10 Closet Organisation Ideas

April 1, 2019
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Closet Organisation Ideas

Is your closet always getting out of hand? It happens to all of us, and in no time at all, you have an untidy closet and can’t find anything!

10 Closet Organisation Ideas you Need to Know

There are some great closet organization ideas that don’t cost a lot of money – check out All About Closets for some impressive New Jersey closet systems and inspiration – so here are our top 10 tips you need to know about organizing your closet.

1. Put Things Back In the Right Place

It might seem obvious, but it’s all too easy to blindly throw things back into the closet. It only takes a few seconds to put them back where they are meant to be, and it makes life easier.

2. Keep Shoes Off the Floor

Use the shelves in a closet for your shoes; this way, they don’t get in a mess on the floor, are easy to find, and you can see the pair you want at a glance.

3. Make Your Own Dividers

Closet Dividers

When you get a little spare time, make some divider boxes using the colored card – there are videos online to help you – for your jewelry and small items. The result is fun, colourful and very useful.

4. And Storage Bins

Following from the above, don’t buy expensive storage bins; use cardboard boxes and cover them with fabric – whatever you choose – for the same effect at very little cost. This is a popular trick, and one that you will find very useful.

5. Hang Up Your Clutches

Clutch bags, purses, and wallets can all take up space in a closet, so why not use the wall? You can buy cheap and attractive hanging devices that are perfect for this purpose, and it means your shelf space is not taken up by your collection.

6. Curtains

If you don’t have a closet, you can make one with a bit of spare space, a curtain, and a rail. There’s no need for expensive and difficult to fit doors; find a suitable recess, and hang a curtain across the front. It’s simple, effective and looks great.

7. Toy and Book Storage

Toy Closet Organisation

One for the kid’s closets, utilize the back of the doors of the closet by fitting pockets – you can buy wire ones or use fabric – into which you can put their books and toys. This is a great way of using space that is often left unused.

8. Check Out Hangers

There are many different types of hanger organizers that are very handy indeed when trying to keep a tidy closet. Check your local hardware and furniture stores, or browse online, as they can help you save space.

9. Simple Hooks

You can never have enough hooks in your closet! They are cheap to buy, easy to fit, and you can put them on the sides, on the wall, on the back of the doors, and hang whatever you need out of the way.

10. Have a Clear Out

Clearing out the Closet

Finally, have a good clear out every now and then. There will be clothes and more in your closet that you never use, so get rid of it, and free up the space for your next shopping trip!