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The Most Common Decorating Mistakes, and How to Fix Them

The Most Common Decorating Mistakes, and How to Fix Them

January 21, 2019
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When we spot our desired decorating style, we often try so hard to replicate it, but it never seems to work as well. Don’t worry; you are not alone with decorating mistakes. To help fix any issues and to prevent you from making the same mistakes again, our top painters and decorators in London have offered up their experience, to help you get decorating right, the first time.

The Most Common Decorating Mistakes

1. You have been daring and used too much colour (and it now gives you a headache)

When looking to freshen up the walls, we often get carried away and choose to paint every wall in a bright, vibrant colour. The colour may be lovely, but too much can seem overbearing and can even lead to headaches. Don’t worry; you can rectify the situation by adding a neutral colour to one of the walls.

How to fix it: Firstly, dust and wash the walls (washing detergent and water solution works fine). Then scrape any loose paint away and sand the walls for a smooth finish. Next, add a layer of primer and then paint the wall in your chosen colour. Use a high-quality paint to reduce the number of coats it needs. Alternatively, call the experts at Cloud Painters who can remedy the situation for you.

2. You have gone for a minimalist look, but you have too much clutter

We often dream of having a clean finish and minimalist appearance, but day to day life shows that this is almost impossible to maintain. While you may have opted for bare walls and clean lines for a tranquil haven when you have your shoes on the floor, bags scattered and tablets, phones and laptops dotted around the place, it is not zen-like bliss.

How to fix it: Fortunately, many innovative solutions can help to restore the peace in your minimalist haven. Look for hidden charging points or floor boxes that can retract the cables too. You should also look at convenient space saving solutions. A footstool can conceal magazines and books, while you can add drawers to pre-existing tables that you may have. A floating shelf can still create a calm appearance but give you that little bit more space for tidiness.

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3. You are too scared to try new trends, so your room has no theme at all

It can be hard to decide what direction we want to follow; especially as interior design trends fly in and out of fashion so quickly. Instead of going for a trend, you have collected one piece per season, and you now have a cacophony of styles that don’t work well together.

How to fix it: You have two options. You can just have a complete overhaul and start again, after researching the trends you do like that have longevity. Alternatively, choose a neutral base for the room, such as natural colours for the wall and bring in accents for the different seasons. This way you can make the most of each piece, but you also keep it trend specific. The benefit of this method is you get to have an update regularly throughout the year, so your room always feels fresh and new.

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