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How To Make a Headboard: 10 DIY Headboard Ideas

How To Make a Headboard: 10 DIY Headboard Ideas

February 4, 2019
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Headboard Ideas

Decorating a bedroom is all about creating a space in which you will feel comfortable and at ease. You likely have an idea of the colors and styles you want, or you may already have decorated, and now you want to add the finishing touches that make a bedroom stylish and beautiful.

One of those details is the headboard and finding one that works can be difficult. Depending on your taste you may want a large, statement headboard, or a simple and understated one. So, here’s an idea – why not save money and make your own? Here are some great DIY headboard ideas.

1. Paint a Wall

Paint the Wall

If you have space where your bed will be permanently positioned, why not utilize the wall at the head of the bed and paint a headboard? You can think about designs that will suit your taste.

2. Hang a Drape


Perhaps the simplest of all ideas, why not hang a drape or some other attractive wall-hanging? It’s a very effective way of adding color and decoration to a room.

3. Cheap DIY Headboard

cheap DIY Headboard

If you’re up to making a proper DIY head board there’s a lot you can do with some stiff cardboard, some pretty fabric, and a staple gun! Check out some ideas and you’ll see how easy it is.

4. Re-purpose Wood

Repurpose Wood

One great idea is to find some old antique wooden planks; this is a great way of getting a rustic look, and one that is very easy to do. Screw them to the wall, paint them or leave them as they are – it all works.

5. Hang Curtains

Curtains Headboard

Another simple yet effective way to dress a bed; mount a curtain rail on the wall, and hang a pair of stylish curtains. It’s cheap and easy, and the effect is great.

6. Use a Screen

Screen Headboard

Largely out of fashion now, folding screens can be picked up cheap at auctions and in junk shops, and some are very attractive indeed. You can choose to decorate or not – the choice is yours – but it is a great DIT headboard idea.

7. Old Doors

DIY Headboard Door

Among the more unusual ideas is to place a pair of old glass doors behind the bed; you can find doors in a similar way to screens, and some look really impressive when put to this use.

8. Use Cushions


If you’re looking for a really impressive and very original way of improvising a headboard, then why not take a few cushions and mount them on the wall? There are many ways this can be done, and it creates a great ‘floating’ headboard effect.

9. Buy Second Hand

Second Hand

People redecorate and sell perfectly good, quality headboards all the time, so check out the small ads for bargains.

10. Hang a Large Picture


Finally, for a really neat touch, why not hang a picture where the headboard would be? It’s a nice decoration idea and really adds detail.


That’s our list of DIY headboard suggestions, so have a read through and see if you can come up with more.