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Easy Decorating Ideas for Your Kitchen

Easy Decorating Ideas for Your Kitchen

March 10, 2020
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Easy Decorating Ideas for Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is one of the most-used rooms in the house. It’s also one that takes more than its fair share of wear and tear! It’s a room the entire family use regularly, and in time, such constant use leaves it looking tired and shabby.

Furthermore, all those cooking fumes don’t do it much good, no matter how good your oven hood and extractor fans maybe. If you’re looking for ways to spruce up your kitchen, start by giving everything a good wipe down and clean, and then have a look at the following tips!

1. Change Your Lighting

Kitchen Renovations

Are you still using incandescent bulbs? You need to check out LED lighting for your kitchen! There are many different types – ranging from strips of lights you can easily fit at the base of cupboards for a neat and modern effect, or spot lamps for the ceiling – and LED is far more energy-efficient than any other type of lighting as no energy is lost as heat. They’re easy to fit, too, so have a closer look.

2. Buy New Small Appliances

Your kettle, toaster, sandwich maker and more will likely be of some age, and that microwave too! These appliances are cheap to buy and there are some very nice stylish modern designs out there, so why not set aside some money for a new, matching set?

While you’re doing so, you can help your kitchen stay free of fumes by buying a compact air fryer, an impressive modern cooking device that fries without any of the mess you are used to, and one that you will find you use more than you expect!

3. New Tiling

Easy Tiles for Your Kitchen

Tiling a splashback or a section of a wall can have a great effect and give your kitchen a surprisingly cheap and easy new look. It’s a DIY job, too, if you take the time to watch some videos and practice a little. This really is an excellent way of freshening up your kitchen and one that is certainly worth looking at.

4. Change Doors and Drawer Fronts

You may not want to spend on a full new kitchen, but the chances are your fitted kitchen uses standard-sized doors and drawers. Go to your local kitchen supplies store and you will be able to buy doors, drawers and – if the old ones can’t be used – fittings, and fit new all-round with no need for new units!

If you don’t want to go this far, why not just change the handles on the doors and drawers? There is plenty of variety out there!

5. Paint the Walls

Paint your Kitchen Walls

Our final tip is this one, and it’s simple: give your kitchen walls – or even just one wall – a new coat of paint in a different color. It’s cheap, simple and quick, and will make all the difference! That’s a few handy tips for giving your kitchen a welcome make-over that won’t cost a lot, so start looking now, and you’ll have a new-look kitchen for very little money!