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Facts About Newcastle... That You Might Not Know

Facts About Newcastle… That You Might Not Know

May 12, 2017

Why the city is where it is?

The city of newcastle-upon-tyne was founded at the lowest place the Tyne could be easily crossed. In 1080, the Normans built a wooden fort to safeguard the crossing, they also erected a wooden bridge.

The ‘new castle’ was rebuilt in stone in the 12th century.

As the city grew, medieval newcastle-upon-tyne prospered partly because of the wars between English and the Scot or the Scottish. There was a lot of traffic through Newcastle and travellers spent money there.

Newcastle also had a shipbuilding industry in the Middle Ages, with the first record of a ship being built there was in 1294. There was also a rope making industry with ropes being essential for sailing ships, there was also a leather industry and there were skinnies tanners, Sadler’s.

Newcastle grew because of export and money population. One of the earliest records say that Newcastle had around a population of 4,000 people, in the end Newcastle had a maximum population of two hundred and eighty-four thousand people.

The Tyne Bridge

One of the key events in Newcastle’s development was the Tyne bridge, which crosses the River Tyne.

It was hailed as one of the modern miracles of its era and it was the largest single span bridge in Britain. When completed, the total cost was £1,200,000 which is around £ 36 million in today’s money.

There are stark black-and-white images that let bear witness to the dangerous conditions the men worked on, harnesses were unheard of and yet these men would sometimes be perched over 90 feet above the water yet.

Working with speed and agility that was second to none, earned many the nickname ‘Spiders’, despite the dangerous working conditions only one man died, compared to the 16 that died on the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

As far as we know, none of the men who built the bridge are alive today unfortunately, but we do have testament of their relatives. Johnny Fox, his grandfather and father built the bridge, they called her dad ‘spider Wilson’, he recalls how he walked along the skeletal frame of the bridge without any fear of the height he was at.

It’s still a famous landmark, recognised all over the world and many regard it as an icon.

Why are people from Newcastle called Jordi’s?

Why are people from newcastle called Jordi’s? There were two types of lamp, the Davy lamp and Jordy lamp which were preferred in the North East of England. The coal miners & carpet fitters from Newcastle are called Jordi’s because of their allegiance to King George during the Jacobite rebellion. The city of newcastle shut their gates to the Jacobites and wouldn’t have anything to do with them.