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How to Replace a Window (Hiring a Professional is the Way to go!)

How to Replace a Window (Hiring a Professional is the Way to go!)

August 28, 2021
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Windows often need replacing. The glass may crack, or the seals might have worn out. Or perhaps you want to fit new windows that are more secure? If you’re adept at DIY you’re probably thinking that you might do it yourself! After all, it can’t be that difficult, can it? You simply take the seals and supports away, clean it all up, and fit a new pane of glass, then caulk it and it’s all done, right?

In many ways that’s true, and if you have the right tools and experience you can give it a go. But there’s a lot that can go wrong. Glass is a fragile material and can easily break when moved. You might have the size just slightly too small, and it’s no good.

And where do you get the measurements from? You can spend hours watching videos online and reading DIY blogs and still be unsure of the methods. What’s the best way to replace a window? Get a professional glazier to do it, and it’s really not that expensive.

The Benefits of Using Professionals

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So, you’re looking to save money by fitting your own replacement window. That’s all good if you know what you’re doing, but we wouldn’t recommend you try it if you haven’t done it before. A professional window and glazing company such as Polygon Windows not only has the experience, but also the right tools. They’ve done this job so many times it’s second nature to them.

Furthermore, they have access to window cutting that means precision fit, and they can assess the damage and have the perfect replacement fitted in no time at all, and for very little cost.

The benefits include quality of finish, the best window for your requirements, and great service that is carried out as fast and cleanly as possible at a price you may find surprisingly affordable. It really is the best way to have new windows fitted, whether you’re looking for a single pane or many windows.

Guaranteed Quality

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The other benefit of using a professional is that you will be guaranteed a quality job. You might be great at DIY, but there’s a lot involved in a window fitting that is not seen in other jobs around the house. It’s one of the more precise jobs, too, and needs careful thought in advance.

Removing old or broken windows also comes with certain potential dangers, and the professionals will know exactly how to approach this while minimising the possibility of injury.

Our Conclusion

Is it worth attempting DIY window replacement? The answer is yes but only if you know what you’re doing, have the right tools, understand the measurements required and the risks involved.

All of this can be learned by watching videos online, but why waste all that time when you can call in the professionals and have the job done in no time at all, and a guaranteed service too? It’s up to you, but we think the cost of professional window fitting will not be as expensive as you believe.