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iRobot Roomba 800 Series - Decoding Top Features And Models

iRobot Roomba 800 Series – Decoding Top Features And Models

January 11, 2021
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iRobot Roomba 800 Series - Decoding Top Features And Models

The 800 series represents the 6th generation robovacs from the esteemed iRobot Roomba group. Released in 2013, the 800 series is almost a household name with its cutting-edge models including irobot roomba 805, 880, 890 and so on. Added to advanced features, the Roomba 800 has also won the market with its affordable price-range.

If you are contemplating on buying a new robotic vacuum cleaner of late, the Roomba 800 series could be a good match. You will find here a brief overview on the roomba 805 and other iRobot Roomba 800 series to help with an informed decision with your robovac shopping.

High-efficiency AeroForce Filtration and 3-Stage cleaning

The 800 series is equipped with state-of-the-art  AeroForce Filtration and 3-Stage cleaning technology which is 5x stronger and more powerful compared to previous Roomba robovacs.

Thanks to its high-end filter, a Roomba 800 robovac can easily capture at least 99 percent (if not more) allergens, mites and dust from indoor environment. Put simply, the robovac series assures excellent suction as well as maximum filtration.

The 800 series models are designed with high-efficiency Gen 2 level motor that scales up their cleaning capacity to newer heights- compared to previous series. In other words, the 800 shows more power and better capacity in picking up debris, fur or hair from floor in comparison to its predecessors. The addition of double multi-surface extractors also add to its advanced cleaning capacity.

AeroForce Tangle-Free Extractor

The 800 models have done away with the outdated tangled brushes. Instead they have been designed with modern AeroForce Tangle-Free counter-rotating extractors which assure more powerful suction capacity compared to tangles brushes. These extractors use rubber threads to successfully suck up all debris and dirt from floor and then these are deposited straight to the bin. In fact, the robovac comes with an intelligent anti-tangle mode which helps the robovac to get rid of tassels or cords if it has picked up any enroute.

Intelligent Self-navigation capacity

Unlike other robovacs that need manual supervision to get away from obstacles, the 800 models  can bypass obstacles independently. These intelligent models are backed by smart sensors that control the speed, direction as well as the robovacs’ ability to bypass obstacles.

The 800 models can also find their way out if they get stuck in tricky corners or narrow gaps.

Easy cliff detection

This is certainly one of the most admirable features of the Roomba 800 series. The 800 models come with cliff detection sensors (drop sensors) that alert them if there are stairs ahead so that they don’t take an unwanted turn. This way, the 800 models are independently capable of preventing staircase accidents.

Top Roomba 800 models

Here goes a brief on the top Roomba 800 models-

Roomba 805

The 805 model is one of the most shopped robovacs from the 800 series. The model comes with all the advanced features discussed above and promises an affordable price-point as well.

The robovac is fitted with 5 buttons-

  • CLEAN button- it allows to turn on or off the 805
  • DOCK button- it will indicate the robovac to return to its docking station
  • SCHEDULE button- it will allow to schedule cleaning time
  • CLOCK button- it will allow to set vacuuming frequency
  • SPOT- it will direct deeper or/and accurate clean-up for a particular zone

The robovac sports a circular contour and carries two wheels, brush on side as well as dual rolling extractors. You can schedule specific cleaning times here based on which it will clean your house at specified intervals and that too autonomously. You will receive notification once the cleaning cycle gets done. The iRobot Roomba 805 gets alerted once the battery juice starts to reduce and the moment it drops to 15 percent, the robovac rushes to the docking station for recharge.

In regard to navigation, the Roomba 805 can operate across almost all kinds of floor surfaces. Initially, the robovac might start with random movements but as it adapts itself to your floor, it starts to run smoothly.

Roomba 890

The 890 model is a slightly more advanced version of the 805 model. It comes with a more powerful filter as well as more diverse extractors in comparison to the 805 unit. A major factor that separates the 890 from 805 is surely its Wi-Fi compatibility which is not available with the 805 model. The cutting-edge model is an app-operated device and it is compatible with Android as well as iOS platforms.