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10 Items for your Home Plumber Maintenance Checklist

10 Items for your Home Plumber Maintenance Checklist

December 26, 2018
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We’re barely a few weeks before 2019 and it’s the best time of the year to assess how we lived our lives this 2018. Did you learn something new? Have you become a better wife, husband, or parent? Did you do something really amazing in your family life or career?

For parents like us in the mid-30’s or early 40’s, the biggest part of our lives is our family. Our everyday lives pretty much revolve around our spouse, our kids, and our homes.

Our homes, in particular, are our most important investment at the moment since it is where we spend quality time with our family and it’s where we feel most comfortable and safe.

Thus, it’s important to maintain your home in its best condition so it can be your family’s safe and beautiful place of refuge for years. One part of the house that you should start checking before this year ends is the plumbing system.

Aside from the security and electrical system of your house, it’s that part that determines how safe your residential property really is. Without properly maintaining it, it can cause inconveniences, mess, and worse, accidents right inside your home.

So today, we’ll give you 11 items in your home plumbing system that your professional plumber Singapore contractors should inspect and repair. Here they are.

Water Meter

Your water supply is controlled by the water meter. It could be located inside or outside of your house depending on your home’s plumbing structure.

Although a water meter is usually made of durable materials, you have to check it at least once a year for leaks. A leaking water meter can blow up your utility bill to a huge proportion so watch out for that.

You must also check if the water pressure is properly set, lest your household will suffer from too low or too high water pressure.

Water Heater

A bathroom water heater has been more of a necessity than a luxury in an ordinary home. Some of the water heater problems can be easily detected, such as pipe leakage and water valve issues. However, only professionals can detect a faulty switch or corroded inner components of a water heater so make sure you hire a pro for at least an annual inspection.

This should always be included in your yearend home maintenance checklist if you don’t want an unexpected water heater problem to cause you inconvenience. This kind of maintenance is also important to keep your family safe from accidents caused by faulty electrical connections in the water heater.

Sink and Drain

It’s hard to say if your sink and drain is problematic or not. Some of the issues that households face about these plumbing fittings are leaks, blockages, and foul smell. It’s important to check the interior components of the sink and drain for corrosion and rust and the pipes as well for any leaks and bacteria infestation.

Toilet Bowl

Clean and orderly as it may seem, your toilet bowl may just be playing with you. Sometimes, it’s hard to realize that what really cause the foul odor in your bathroom are dirt and bacteria that have been stuck there for months!

Ordinary bathroom cleaning cannot address that problem so don’t be surprised if you religiously clean your bathroom yet the smell still doesn’t go away. What you should do instead is to get a thorough toilet bowl inspection so pros can check if there are pipe leakages, faulty fittings, and other problems with your toilet bowl. Some of them are hidden to a layman’s eye so you need professional assistance on this.


When was the last time you changed your bathroom or kitchen faucet? Two or three years ago? If the answer is yes, then it’s really the best time for you to have your faucets inspected by professional plumbers.

Although the water coming out of your faucet seems clean, without a trace of rust or dirt, you cannot be too sure. Remember that it’s what you use to clean virtually anything inside your house so make sure they are bacteria- and rust-free.

A reliable plumber may check for leaks and corrosion that only he can inspect using the right tools.  Moisture and molds are indications of a problematic faucet so this should be thoroughly checked and addressed.

Washing Machine

You may have bought the most expensive washing machine unit from the store but that’s no guarantee that it will last for a lifetime. As with all your other appliances, a washing machine needs to be checked at least annually for signs of impending troubles.

The top washing machine problem is a faulty hose that causes leaks, electrical component issues, and worse, total breakdown of the appliance. You wouldn’t want to face that when you badly need to clean your month-long pile of dirty laundry, would you? So get your washing machine checked for hose problems, rusty components, or faulty inner parts.

Shower Screen

Sure, you love how elegant your bathroom is because of your durable and classy shower screen. But don’t get the wrong idea that this bathroom accessory will remain perfect for the years to come.

You have to get it checked for loose screws and rusty metal frames. Make sure your shower screen is always in good condition to maintain the beauty of your bathroom interior and your family’s safety as well.

Floor Tiles

Lastly, we often overlook the condition of our floor tiles, simply because they seem to be the most durable part of the bathroom. Unless you see a cracked tile or a damaged grout, you wouldn’t think there’s a problem with your bathroom flooring.

However, leaks on the floor tiles, a minor damage on the grout, and other bathroom flooring problems are often unnoticeable unless you do a thorough inspection on them. If you always assume that your bathroom flooring is okay, you’ll be inconvenienced when the damage gets too big.

Now that we’re about to say goodbye to 2018, it’s also the time of the year to bid farewell to our plumbing problems. Let’s start the year 2019 without possible causes of inconveniences in our homes.