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Keeping Insects Out Of Your Home

Keeping Insects Out Of Your Home

February 4, 2019
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A kitchen is a place where families gather and enjoy time together while feasting. A kitchen floor is also a place where food is dropped and sugary beverages are spilled.

With all the foot traffic in a home, that debris can easily be spread across the floors in the home, attracting unwanted insects and possibly even rodents.

So what’s the best method to keeping your kitchen floors clean and free from unwanted pests? Here are a few tips to make sure insects don’t infest your floors this summer.

 1. Keep Food Out of Other Rooms

Ants in the Home

It’s easy to wander off and through the house with a snack, especially if there are kids in the house. As convenient as this might be, the food trail is almost unavoidable. Snacking chips and crackers down the hallway can leave a crumb trail that can attract unwanted guests.

The more areas that food is present on the floor, the more opportunity for insects to pick up the scent and make their way into your home. Try to keep food in the kitchen and eat at the table. Not only is it healthier for you to sit down and enjoy your meals, but it also promotes healthy engagement with other family members that may also be looking for a quick snack.

2. Keep Your Floors Clean

Cleaning the Carpet

This is a no-brainer. Sweeping, mopping and vacuuming are key to keeping the insects out this summer. Insects make their way indoors in search of food and water, if that resource is taken away from them, why would they enter the home? Chances are they wouldn’t, but if they did and couldn’t find food or water, they would promptly return to the great outdoors.

This is why eating in an isolated area makes it easy to keep track of the crumb trails. This is easier said than done, especially if you have little ones. Another great thing to make a habit of is sweeping after meal prep and eating. Clean the floor in the prep area after every meal. It takes 5 minutes to sweep the area. If there are sugary spills, make sure to either mop or use a warm rag and hot water to scrub the area.

3. Invest In Pest Control

Invest in Pest Control

There are many pest control products on the market, some are great for indoors, while others are better for outdoor use. Organic products are great if you have kids or pets that crawl the floors, while chemical treatments may be necessary if the infestation has become a problem. If you don’t want to apply the chemicals yourself, you can hire a pest control company to apply the treatment to your property. Depending on the severity of your problem, monthly treatments may be necessary.

By applying treatment to the exterior of the home, you can prevent insects from ever entering the home. Since the most common entry points are door jams and through openings in the foundation, insects often enter under baseboards. Treating the edge of the baseboards on the interior of the home is also a great option.

4. Limit The Sugars

Limit the Sugars

Not only will limiting sugars benefit your health, but keeping sugary spills off of your floors will help prevent the attraction of insects. Sodas, candy, popsicles, and other sugar-heavy edibles are insect magnets.

Popsicles spill easy, sodas spill easy, candy is small and can easily be dropped under a chair and go unseen. Eliminating sugary substances from your diet will not only provide health benefits, but it will help to keep your floors clean and free of bugs.

5. Treat Your Flooring

Treating floorboards

If you have hardwood flooring you should make sure to treat your hardwood floors annually. Keeping them stained and finishing your floors will keep them from absorbing spills and food crumbs. If you have tile flooring, you should also treat the tile and grout annually.

Carpeting requires treatment of Scotchgard type sprays that will prevent carpet fibers from absorbing liquids and spills, looking after your carpet should be a priority. Throw rugs are also a great option for high traffic areas that may be more prone to spills and debris, but some throw rugs require specialized cleaning, so do your research before cleaning your rugs.


Whatever flooring option you go with, follow these 5 simple steps to keeping your floors clean and free of unwanted insects.