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Kitchen Design and Remodelling Ideas

Kitchen Design and Remodelling Ideas

October 11, 2020
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Kitchen Design Ideas

Are you tired of your current kitchen? Or perhaps you have moved to a new house and want to make your mark on the kitchen in your own style?

Either way, there are some great design ideas for modern kitchens, and the choice of styles is simply amazing. Whether you want an entirely new kitchen or just a simple makeover the following ideas should give you some inspiration, so let’s get started!

Go Full Modern

There’s a lot to be said for taking the plunge and going for a fully modern, up to the minute kitchen that looks the part and is functional.

Modern, clean kitchen fittings take a big step away from the traditional style of ‘country cottage’ kitchen that has been prevalent recently and give you a sleek, stylish and fresh look that will wow your friends.

With integrated units and appliances you have the option to match your entire kitchen suite, and the result will impress. If you want some ideas have a look at the website of BB Trade Kitchens and Bedrooms who serve Newcastle and the north or give them a call on them on 0191 236 8902 for stunning kitchens of the highest quality.

Practical Design

Getting the Farmhouse Look

What modern kitchen fixtures and fittings offer is a combination of great looks and added practicality. Designers like to take a standard product and give it a unique touch, and while doing so keep the inherent practicality of the item and add to it.

Take the simple hot water tap: check out some of the latest examples that – at the touch of a button – can provide you with boiling water for tea, coffee, or cooking. They do away with the need for a kettle and reduce the clutter.

Have a closer look at some of the superb modern fixtures and fittings and you’ll see that kitchens have come a long way in a few ways and can actually be the most technologically advanced room in the house by far.

Use Small Spaces

Small Kitchen Design

Although the kitchen is perhaps the most-used room in the house, it is often the case that builders and architects don’t give the kitchen as much room as you would like.

Space may be compromised ads a result, but that’s not a problem if you talk to the right people. For kitchen designs Newcastle upon Tyne you’ll find BB Trade Kitchens can show you some superbly innovative design ideas for cupboards and units that give you a lot of usage in a small space.

Think about going up rather than out and having hanging cupboards, and there are many more ways to utilise space for practicality. The benefit of talking to professional kitchen designers is that they can visualise what you want and put it into practical terms.

These are just a few of the kitchen ideas that we thought might help and you should also look at tiling, lighting, and how to have the most cost-effective and eco-friendly kitchen by fitting energy-efficient appliances.

Go ahead and get the ball rolling by talking to the designers, and you’ll see you can have that stunning kitchen you deserve.