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5 Landscaping Ideas for Small Back Yards

5 Landscaping Ideas for Small Back Yards

December 23, 2020
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5 Landscaping Ideas for Small Back Yards

A small back yard need not mean you can’t give it some extra appeal. Below we’ve put together some great ideas for landscaping a small area that will give you a beautiful space to use and enjoy. Let’s get started!

1. The Vertical Garden

Vertical Garden

No matter how small your back yard is you can always give it some life by going vertical with plants. How do you do this? Check out your local garden stores for planters that stand one on top of another.

These take the space up rather than out and take up little space. In them you can plant flowing varieties such as begonia which are easy to grow and that will create a waterfall effect come the flowering season, adding colour and style to your outdoor space.

2. A Mini Patio

Mini Patio

Even if you have the smallest of back yards a patio is still possible. Buy in some paving stones that fit the size of your yard or, for better results, engage the services of local Landscape Designers who will be able to suggest a design or pattern that will look superb.

You may be surprised to find the variety of paving for patios that is available, and if you get the professionals in it’s not going to cost a lot to pave a small space beautifully. Check the website for ideas, too, and you’ll get inspiration.

3. Water Feature

Water Feature

What about a small pond in one corner of your back yard? You can get ready-made pond liners and all you need to do is dig the hole and fill it, then add plants and – of course – fish! They’re easy to keep with very little maintenance required, and you may even add a waterfall that works from an electric pump.

The fish will appreciate this too as it aerates the water, and while looking superb it adds a touch of life and sound to your open space for surprisingly little cost.

4. Add a Lawn

Garden Lawn

A lawn is a simple yet stylish feature that can be used in any size of open space. For smaller back yards it’s a great choice as it will bring much-needed colour to the scene.

Lawns – especially smaller examples – are very easy to keep. Just mow it regularly in the growing season, keep it watered as it requires, and that’s about it! You now have a lovely green space to use when the good weather is here.

5. Use Lights

Small Garden Lights

Once you have your lawn or patio in place, or even your pond and plants, consider lighting the yard. A few coloured lights carefully positioned can make a small space come alive and are a welcome feature on those warm summer evenings when you want to spend some time outside with friends enjoying a couple of drinks!

That’s our list of five ways to landscape a small back yard and there are many more, so start thinking now, take some inspiration from our ideas, and you’ll soon have a back yard to be proud of.