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Living Room Décor Ideas: 5 Simple Ways to Transform the Space

Living Room Décor Ideas: 5 Simple Ways to Transform the Space

August 20, 2021
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Living Room Décor Ideas

The living room is where you spend most of your waking hours, but is it really how you want it? Many of us simply tolerate a room rather than going to the trouble of making it truly ours, but it really isn’t that difficult or expensive to give a room a full makeover.

We want you to imagine your living room empty and start again, so here are five handy ideas that should get you started.

Walls are a Blank Canvas

Living Room Wall Ideas

The walls in your living room are a blank canvas waiting for you to decorate as you wish. What sort of room do you want to create? The trend today is for the more modern and sparse look, and we believe this is the way to go for a calm, relaxing room in which you can simply settle back and watch a movie or listen to music.

Paint your walls a neutral colour, perhaps hang a brightly coloured picture, or adorn with matching curtains. There’s so much you can do, but remember – keep it simple.

Update Your Furniture

Living Room Furniture

As you’re looking at the room as if it’s an empty one you want to consider your furnishings. What about utilising that corner space with a sofa and chairs that come in modular form?

Adding a decorative coffee table, or opting for some large TV cabinets could become an integral part of your living room furnishings. Here’s a tip – the fewer surfaces you have, the better things will look, plus the less cleaning necessary, and the less clutter will gather!

Change the Flooring

Living Room Flooring

Do you want carpets in your living room? Or are you thinking about wooden flooring? The latter is a good choice for a modern-look room and is also easy to maintain. If you’re thinking that wood flooring will be expensive you may find it is no more so than fitting a quality carpet.

We suggest light-coloured wood and a couple of colourful rugs to give it some life. If you want to go fully modern and have the right sort of home, check out polished concrete too.

Install Modern Lighting

Living Room Lights

LED lighting is the way to go, so forget about those traditional lights once and for all. LED is long-lasting, can come in many different colours and brightness, and is unobtrusive and discreet.

A few up-lighters, for example, in the corners of a room can cast a lovely warm light, while a central LED ceiling light is a great choice. It’s energy-efficient too.

Invest in Plants

Add Plants To Your Home

Finally, you may be surprised how much life a few houseplants bring to your living room. Check out your local garden store for easy to keep and hardy plants for different levels of light and choose two or three for your living room.

The store team will advise on the best choices, and you’ll find this is an inexpensive way to add something special to your living room.

We hope the above ideas have given you inspiration, so start planning your ideal living room right now.