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Looking after the carpets in the office and workplace

Looking after the carpets in the office and workplace

November 17, 2018

Carpet Cleaning

After many weeks, months, and even years of neglect is it any surprise that your carpets or carpet tiles in the office may be looking dull and tired? I bet you would not look at your best either without some TLC every now and again. A lot of companies spend a lot of money on having carpets fitted, and then just to allow it to fend for itself. They are not like a self-cleaning oven.

Without the adequate maintenance and care, your carpets cannot protect themselves against the spills by staff, dirt, grit, and that dust being collected over years, mud and sand particles brought in on shoes etc. If you are planning on throwing out your carpet that you haven’t had for long just because it looks a little tired, try steam carpet cleaning.

Please think hard before you waste many hundreds if not thousands of pounds replacing a half decent carpet in the office, why not contact carpet cleaning Warrington to see if we can help you. Using steam carpet cleaning can quickly freshen up carpets and carpet tiles, revive their colour back and revitalise the fibers, and deodorise at the same time. You may then find that your carpets do not need replacing, after all, it just a thorough cleaning, and we have saved your thousands from your budget.

When your carpets have been cleaned you will notice a massive difference in their look, feel and even the smell of your carpets and for the better hopefully! Steam carpet cleaning is a very important part of any carpet maintenance programme for your carpet, it needs to be carried out at least once per year but this will differ pending the office traffic.

High-quality steam cleaning is not expensive. It is very important that you do adhere to your cleaning routine as carpets that do last much longer – as much as four times longer and keep the financial director happy.

In fact, some carpet manufactures nullify their guarantees on carpets if they are not professionally cleaned as per their maintenance programme.

So the next time you are thinking of pulling up that tired carpet out of the office, give it a new lease of life by treating it to a steam cleaning treatment.

What to Expect When you have your Carpets and Carpet Tiles Serviced

Office Carpet Tiles

So Let’s talk about what to expect when you have your carpets and carpet tiles serviced.

Any professional industrial or commercial carpet cleaners should carry out the following tasks before any steam cleaning process takes place.

1. High filtration cleaning system. The first stage is to use a powerful vacuum that has been specifically designed for high-performance professional carpet cleaning industry.

2. Move Upholstery. Moving things such as chairs and tables and sofas.  Any valuable items such as computers are removed to ensure no accidental damage.

3. Stain Removal inspection. Quality stain removal products and techniques to remove old and difficult stains, such as coffee, and food. No one will guarantee to remove all stains not, however, they should have the training to tackle most.

4. The pre-spray. An application pre-spray specially designed to electro-mechanically lift oily dirt and pollutants, damage allergens and dust mites from your carpet so they can be quickly and safely extracted using high-performance extraction machines.

5. Machinery to clean the carpet. Not all machines are equal as you can imagine. Ensure that the company you hire can guarantee the steam will be used in their cleaning process. The use of steam will not only give the best deep down clean for the fibers it will also kill any germs, dust mites, pollen, or bacteria, plus the carpets will have any odor molecules broken down.

6. Rinsing– The rinsing process means that any chemicals used will be neutral and eliminates the carpets getting dirty again, or re-soiling.

7. Polystyrene or foil tabs. Returning any upholstery or furniture while going through the drying process may stain the carpet so foils should be placed under all furniture legs. The business owner can then remove these when the carpet is dry later that day.

8. Grooming your carpet. Some carpets will be groomed using a special carpet rake. This will restore the fibres in their natural position.

9. Over Shoe for the customer.  Customers will want to inspect the carpets so providing overshoes allows them to inspect without bringing in any debris on their shoes