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8 Office Spring Cleaning Tips To Boost Productivity

8 Office Spring Cleaning Tips To Boost Productivity

March 9, 2020
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8 Office Spring Cleaning Tips To Boost Productivity

Did you know that having an organized and clean working space can really boost up your productivity level and help you complete more tasks in less time?

But yet, we often get busy with our work so much that our office hygiene tends to be forgotten. So, if you happen to come across this article, it means that you’ve actually started to realize the importance of spring cleaning your office and that you’re looking for some tips for it.

Then you’ve come to the right place. Without further ado, let’s dive right into some of the best office spring cleaning tips to help boost your productivity.

1. Divide Your Office Space

Before you start looking into the actual cleaning work of your office, first is to divide your office space into sections so you can prioritize the cleaning area. Most of the offices generally consist of messy stuff lying here and there. Are there file boxes stacked up behind the door? Which section is the dirtiest in the office?

You know this better than anyone. So first identify various sections in your office, prioritize where you want to start cleaning first and move on to the next step.

2. Come Up With A Checklist

Now you’ve identified various sections and prioritize the cleaning area. Next is to come up with a brief cleaning checklist of tasks you need to do. Having a checklist is crucial to get your office cleaning work done in less amount of time. This is because it helps you see the bigger picture of what needs to be done and eliminate any unnecessary works. This again, coupled with the first tip, helps you organize the cleaning tasks and will help define the clear goal you need to accomplish.

3. Start Small

That’s right. Office space is such a messy place and if you simply jump right into the big tasks, you will spend ages trying to complete the work.

The idea here is to start small and slowly expand the work. Small tasks include things like clearing the office desk, organize paperwork, throw away all the unused papers, etc. This will help save your time and effort and actually making sure that your entire day won’t be spent cleaning the office.

Some people might elect to take an afternoon to do the entire job. But, if your schedule doesn’t allow for that, don’t worry. You can accomplish just as much by spending just a few minutes here and there when you find the time.

4. Look At Your Desk

Look at Your Office Desk

Your office desk is probably one of the dirtiest and messy places in your office. Besides, your desk should hold your absolute most important items, such as a computer, phone, notepad, and pen.

Start looking at it and see what needs to be done. This is the easiest place to start with. This office spring cleaning tip justifies the idea of starting small. Desk cleaning includes things like clearing up the clutter, keep all the important papers and files in place, wipe off the dust using a wet cloth, or it could be as simple as watering the plant on your desk. 

Don’t forget to check your computer’s cable wires in case they’re dusty or malfunctioned.

5. Find A Place For Temporary Items

In case you receive lots of papers work, magazines, or publications, make sure you create a space for them for temporary storage. 

Don’t mix up all these with your important work. If you really need to have a look at them, make sure you finish off all your important work first, then bring them on to your main space. After you’re done with them, you can keep them back into a box.

As the documents pile up, you’ll be able to manage with them in a much organized manner as now they’re all in one common space.

Check out how to clean the office carpets article if you need to clean yours.

6. Check Your Drawers

After your office desk, the next important place that requires your attention is your drawers. Usually, people like to throw in all kinds of unused items into them.

Besides, if they really need to keep the important office items in the drawers, they are usually not treated well. So first, check your drawers and see any unsued items or items that need to be cleared out.

Then organize everything into an easy-to-reach manner. What I mean here is segregate items into different drawers based on their categories and importance. For instance, the closest one will contain all the most-used items like paper clips, important files, etc.

7. Clean Your Office Furniture

Clean Your Office Furniture

When all the organization and arrangement is done with your main places, don’t forget about your furniture.

This includes things like your desk surface, the office chairs, shelves, etc. All these can easily get dusted and dirty. Keep in mind that you don’t have to clean them very often.

Things that you can do are wipe off the dust with a wet cloth, polish the furniture, and shine your shelves. If you can’t keep up with it yourself, hire a professional office cleaning company to come in once or twice a week.

8. Upgrade Your Workspace

Last but not least, is to upgrade your workspace and fill the space up with what inspires and motivates you.

This includes things like adding some wall decorations, planting more plants around the working space, paint a wall with bright color. It could also be something as simple as changing your coffee mug or perhaps adding more current photographs of your family that make you smile.

This final step is non-essential, on the surface. But, attending to these details will help you to enjoy yourself and your workday a little more. And that has real value.

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That’s all for the 8 office spring cleaning tips that you can easily implement right away. Office space can get messy easily but it’s your responsibility to keep it cleaned and organized. I know you are mostly busy but hey, just keep doing it little by little is what makes a difference. So don’t forget to share these tips with your co-working people as well. 🙂