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10 Painting Tips and Tricks

10 Painting Tips and Tricks

April 3, 2020
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10 Painting Tips and Tricks

So you want to paint your home yourself, and want to get the same results and finish that the professionals do? As crazy as it sounds, getting professional results from your DIY painting isn’t impossible. To help you get the job done properly, we have put together 10 painting tips and tricks that will help you get the look you want!

1. Use the right tools

Painting and Decorating Tools

This may sound obvious, but it’s easy to tackle a painting and decorating job believing you have the right tools for the job, when you don’t! Buy quality brushes to being with – and make sure you have a roller handy – as cheap examples will result in a cheap finish.

2. Use the right paint

Another common mistake lies in simply using whatever paint you have to hand. This won’t work! You need the right paint for the best finish. Indoors you should use water-based paints, but for external work always go for solvent-based for greater resilience. That’s just basics – there are specialist paints for specialist jobs, so always ask if you’re not sure!

3. Prepare your paint

Basically, this means stir it well! Paint will settle in the tin or bucket even in a short time, so it is essential that you give your paint a good and thorough stir before using it in order that it is ready for use. This is an essential tip if you don’t want lumps in your paint – and you really don’t!

4. Paint in one go

In other words, don’t let parts of a wall – for example – get painted and dry before you start on the rest. This will result in a poor and uneven finish that will not be satisfactory to you. Make sure you have time to do the lot at once.

5. Mask switches and sockets

Masking Before Painting

Yes, we know it’s a time-consuming chore, but you’ll be pleased you took the time to mask off those switch and socket cases before you started painting around them!

6. Use quality paints

As well as quality paint brushes, it’s also advised that you use the best quality paint. There’s a reason that professional painters Winnipeg and elsewhere use only the very best paint they can – because it gives the very best finish. Don’t skimp on paint, search for quality.

7. The primer

If you have a wall that is particularly in need of a paint job, you might want to consider priming it with undercoat before you apply the topcoat. This helps mask any flaws that may exist on the wall itself, and can be done very quickly too.

8. Get the order right

Are you painting an entire room? A simple tip: paint the ceiling first. The paint will get on the walls, it’s simply inevitable!

9. Sanding

Sanding Walls Before Painting

When painting wood or woodwork fixtures, always sand to a smooth finish before you paint. The paint will bring out any lumps or blemishes, so this is an essential task to carry out before you begin to paint.

10. The final stroke

Finally, always finish on an upstroke, as this will give you a much smoother and regular finish!

So, there you go, 10 handy tips for painting, and we hope we’ve helped you begin your home decorating adventure!