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5 Useful Plumbing Tips for Beginners

5 Useful Plumbing Tips for Beginners

September 5, 2020
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Doing It Yourself!

Plumbing is an essential system in every home. It’s also one that can be daunting if something goes wrong. However, while some jobs do require the services of an experienced plumber there are many things you can do if you are competent at DIY.

That’s why in this article, we have put together 5 useful tips that newcomers to plumbing repairs will find helpful and will help you tackle those small plumbing jobs around the home.

Chemical-Free Clog Removal

Unusual or Unpleasant Smells

It happens to us all: every now and then, a drain gets blocked or starts draining very slowly. The tendency is to head to the hardware store and buy expensive chemicals to clear the blockage.

We say use a ‘drain snake’. This is a tool that you push down the drain and will pull the blockage up. They’re cheap, easy to use, and can be used many times so are a great thing to have in your tool kit.

Tackle the Toilet Tank

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A common problem in the home is the toilet tank failing to fill properly, leading to a non-flushing loo! Usually, the problem is in the tank itself and can be easily fixed. Take the lid off and have a look, and more often than not you’ll see the ‘flapper’ is broken.

This is part that moves up and down to regulate the water flow and the wear over time. You can buy new ones for a few dollars and they are easy to fit – you’ll find the instructions come with them too!

Thread Tape is Your Friend

Leaking Water

For dripping pipes and poor seals, we recommend you check out thread tape. Don’t mess around with the difficult-to-use compounds that you will be offered, simply buy a roll of thick thread tape – your hardware store will advise you which one you need.

Again, this is an easy fix whereby you simply wrap the tape around the pipe for a better fit. Most times this will solve your problem, but if it continues you should call in a plumbing company Sydney based to help, and you’ll find that it’s worth the small amount they will charge.

Fix the Showerhead

Safe Water

Another common problem with household plumbing is a leaking or blocked showerhead. Take it off the pipe – you’ll see it has a universal connector – and check it’s all well and good.

When you put it back, use the thread tape you’ve just bought as per above to get a better seal, and you’ll have a working shower head once more. It makes sense and means you don’t have to buy a new one.

Insulate All-Round

Plumbing Mistakes that Homeowners Make

One of the most common causes of energy loss – and wasted money – in the home is poor insulation of the water heater tank and pipes. Make sure they are properly lagged and also check that you have the thermostat set at a sensible level. Drop it a few degrees to see what you are comfortable with and you’ll soon find you’re saving money!

That’s five tips we hope will help you begin tackling simple plumbing repairs and remember to always call in the professionals if you’re not confident you can do the job.