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10 Pool Maintenance Tips

10 Pool Maintenance Tips

March 28, 2020
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Pool Maintenance

A pool is a great feature for any home, one that is much used by all the family, and by friends too. There’s nothing like a dip in your pool after a hard day’s work, and on a hot day, where better to relax than poolside, with the opportunity to jump in whenever you need!

Pools do need maintenance, but it’s not necessarily hard work. Follow the tips below and you’ll be able to keep your pool in top condition at very little expense.

1. Skim Regularly

Water Levels

Wherever you are and whatever precautions you take, leaves and other debris will fall into your pool. Use your net to skim on a regular basis; all it takes is a few minutes, and you’ll have your pool clear once more.

2. Keep the Chemicals Right

You will already have your prescribed chemicals to hand, and they are important for keeping the water balanced and healthy. You must keep the levels right at all times, as they will change through filtering and water level, so keep a check on them.

3. Maintenance Schedule

Although you can do most of these tips yourself, we recommend you set up a schedule with a pool repair company in Orange County as they will carry out regular checks, and let you know if anything needs attention. It’s worth the small amount you will pay for your peace of mind.

4. Water Levels

It’s important you keep your water level right, and this goes hand in hand with the chemicals. You need to make sure your level is above the filters at all times, or they can become damaged when in use. Fill up with a hose every now and then, to a level you have marked.

5. Remove Oils

Maintaining your Pool at Home

Those irritating oils that are left behind when people exit the pool, how do you get rid of them? Throw a couple of tennis balls in, and the outer coating will sock up the oil! Try it, it really does work!

6. Occasional Shock

When your water gets cloudy, and it happens sometimes, you need to ‘shock’ it. This involves raising the chlorine levels by as much as five times the usual amount. Let it filter through, then refill slowly. Do this twice a year and you’ll have a clear pool.

7. Scrub the Side

Algae love water and the sun and will build up on the sides of your pool. A simple scrub when you see it growing is enough to get rid of it, and it’s worth doing regularly.

8. Keep Your Filters Clean

The filters take in a lot of debris and this will be caught in the appropriate part of the device. Make sure you check and clean your filters regularly for the best operation and effectiveness.

9. Winterise

Winterise Your Pool

Ask your pool maintenance company about advice for winterising your pool correctly, as it can make things a lot easier when you open up for the next season.

10. Power Wash

Don’t forget the deck or ground that surrounds your pool. Regular power washing keeps it clean and free from debris and dirt that may be taken into the pool by users, and it’s worth doing frequently in season.