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Should You Have the Air Ducts in Your Home Cleaned?

Should You Have the Air Ducts in Your Home Cleaned?

February 9, 2019
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Cleaning Air Ducts

There are many areas of the home where regular maintenance is required, mostly to ensure that your systems and services are working correctly. For example, in an older home you may need to have the electrical system checked and updated, and in any home, the plumbing can cause numerous problems. Then there’s the heating and air conditioning, both of which are essential services at certain times of the year.

The problem with heating and air conditioning systems is that they are in practically constant use. This means they get overworked, but it also means we take them for granted and forget that they may need attending to once in a while. If you have a duct heating and air conditioning system – a very common fitment in all types of homes – occasional duct cleaning is also an essential maintenance routine, so let’s have a look at why that is.

Indoor Air Quality

Air Quality

Duct systems work by pushing air around the home, and this means that they also ingest air into the ducts. Now, you may not realize it, but there could be many contaminants in the air that you breathe. Also, as the system works constantly, the chances are that mold and spores may gather in the ducts. This can not only lead to them being present in the home, but also it can clog up the ducts, and lead to inefficient operation of the system.

If the ducts are clogged, you will find that the furnace and other parts of the system have to work much harder. This can lead to damage, and even failure, and can be expensive to repair. These are all reasons why you should call on the services of an expert duct cleaning and maintenance company, such as Canuck Home Services

How Duct Cleaning Works

Dirty Air Duct

A professional duct cleaning service will begin with a full inspection, to determine the level of cleaning and maintenance needed. They will check for mold and other contaminants using the very latest and fool-proof techniques and will inform the homeowner of the situation.

Next, they will shut down the furnace for a full clean and inspection. This will involve the use of a very powerful vacuum, connected to a truck outside, that will remove any dirt and debris that may have gathered over the years. They will do the same for the main supply ducts, and all ducts and vents in the home.

The final part of the process is to sanitize the ducts, which will help remove and prevent any harmful spores or mold accumulating within the ducts. They will then ensure everything is working correctly, and leave you with a clean, fresh and efficient duct system for your heating or air conditioning.

Canuck Home Services have many years of experience in the field, use the latest equipment and techniques, and provide a professional service every time, so get in touch for a quote right away, and have your systems cleaned and refreshed.