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Five Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Windows

Five Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Windows

January 6, 2019
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Window Replacement

Beautiful windows are one thing, but beautiful and effective windows are what you need. Windows suffer from the wear and tear of the elements outdoors, and over time this can lead to damage. This applies to modern windows, of the uPVC type and other forms, as much as it does to older wooden frames.

How do you know when you need new windows? We’ve put together a few tell-tale signs that will help you realise your old windows are in need of replacement.
Rotten Frames

This is the most obvious problem with wooden window frames. The wood, although treated and painted, will suffer from damage from wind and rain, and although you may have them repaired and repainted, there will come a time when replacement is the best idea. If you checkout window replacement providers you will find it is not as expensive as you may think, and it will add value to your home.


Especially problematic with double-glazed windows is the discoloration and condensation that can gather between the panes. This is due to leaks in the seals, and can lead to unsightly windows that are not satisfactory. It can be fixed, but you may find the cost of a new set of seals is not far short of a quality new window.

Open Windows


If you feel draughts from your windows, then the seals are likely worn and beyond their usage. This is a problem as it means you are not only getting draughts from outside, you are also losing heat from within the house. Windows provide a large part of the insulation of your home, so damaged or worn window seals can cost you a lot of money if left unattended.

Draughts can also be caused by windows that do not close properly. This can be because the frames have warped with the damp, or have become damaged.


All too obvious are cracks in the glass, but it’s easy to overlook them and carry on regardless. This is a mistake as the cracks will get worse, and you will be losing heat from within. Also, they don’t look great, so it pays to get them replaced.

Cracked windows are also an invitation to thieves, as they are easier to break.

Broken Window

You Need a Change!

Of course, it could be that you simply want a new look to your house, or that the style of windows you have does not suit your taste. This is as good a reason as any to have new windows fitted, so have a look around and see what’s available in your budget.

When you are thinking about new windows, you should also consider your external doors. These also wear over the years and will need adjusting or replacing at some point, and poorly fitted or damaged doors are another source of heat loss.

Attractive, insulating and efficient windows are a bonus in any home, and if you suspect you have damaged seals, you need to get them sorted out as soon as possible.

Why not have an expert look at your windows and get a quote for a full installation now?