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The Best Way to Clean a Carpet

The Best Way to Clean a Carpet

October 19, 2018

How to Clean your Carpet

Carpets serve a variety of purposes; they are comfortable to walk on, keep out draughts from below, and also add decoration to a room. They are also among the household items that take the most wear and tear. You – and perhaps many others – walk on your carpets every day, and from your shoes, you bring in dust and dirt. This gets ingrained into the carpet, along with the daily dust that floats around your room, and can lead to a carpet looking dirty and tired.

We took a look at some great carpet cleaning tips that should help you keep your carpets clean for as long as possible, so let’s get started!

How to Keep Your Carpet Clean

Vacuum Often and Slowly

You should get your vacuum out daily if possible, say the experts, and also take care to ensure you are giving your carpets the right attention. Count slowly to three on each forward or backward stroke to get rid of the most dust and grime, and you will find it makes a world of difference.

Steam Cleaning

If you don’t own a steam cleaner, and most people don’t, then you can hire one once in a while. Steam cleaning is an excellent way of making sure you give your carpets a fresh look every now and then, but there is a set technique. Many people choose to enlist the services of a professional for this job as they get better results, and if you are looking for organic carpet cleaning in Los Angeles there are people who do the job without the use of potentially harmful chemical additives.

Steam Cleaning

Tackle Stains Quickly

Spillages happen, and you want to deal with them before they leave a permanent stain. Most modern carpets use fibers that are designed to hold liquid out for a while, so what you should do in the first instance is blot the spill with a suitable cloth – refrain from rubbing as this will only spread the stain. If you want to get a more permanent stain out, use a stain removal product from any high street store, but be very careful to follow instructions. For more serious stains, you might want to call in the professionals, as mentioned above.

Treat with Respect

Taking steps to prevent dirt and stains on carpets is always a sensible idea, so a simple rule that no outdoor footwear can be worn in carpeted areas is worth putting in place. Ask visitors to wipe their feet thoroughly if you don’t feel comfortable getting them to take their shoes off, and make sure the family removes their shoes before they come in.

Cleaning Your Carpet

The above are just a few ideas that should give you inspiration on how best to keep your carpets in top condition and looking good, and we are sure there are many more. Our final word is to get a decent, powerful vacuum and keep it well maintained and in regular use, and you should be able to enjoy your beautiful carpets for a long time to come.