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Tips For Moving Home Easily and Quickly

Tips For Moving Home Easily and Quickly

July 31, 2018

There’s always a dilemma when it comes to packing up your house to move and that’s whether to hire professional packers or do the packing on your own. You could save a lot of money if you choose to pack everything but the professionals can guarantee the ultimate safety.

how to move house

Are you wondering how to pack everything quickly? Well, you can start by optimizing the number of things you’re bringing with you to the new place. Discard anything that you don’t need anymore. For instance, you should throw away useless, broken and old items or recycle them. If you move with very few possessions, you will end up paying less moving fee.

When is it the right time to start packing for your move? Once you have confirmed the exact date for your household move, you should start making the necessary preparations such as creating a packing strategy and gathering enough supplies and start boxing up your possessions. Start early enough to avoid being late.

The Best Tips For Packing Your Stuff Before Moving

Now it’s time to start packing everything before you plan on moving. Here are some useful tips to consider for an effortless relocation.

  1. To create a good packing strategy, you should create a packing calendar then follow it strictly to avoid wasting any precious time on your relocation. Your packing timeline should be applicable in the specific case. You can prioritize the important packing jobs and assign reasonable deadlines before getting down to work.
  2. You can reach out to your friends early enough to avoid any unnecessary disruption to their work schedules with your packing requests. Note that, packing up your whole home will be tough for you so ask for help whenever you need it for the best results.
  3. Secure the best packing materials, if you want everything to go off without a hitch. For instance, you need soft packing paper, sheets of bubble wraps and cardboard boxes for the packing project.
  4. You should find ways to reduce the cost of acquiring packing supplies. For instance, you can obtain free cardboard boxes for moving to reduce your packing costs considerably. If you are moving Austin, then you should look for the best places to find free packing boxes.
  5. Optimize the household possessions that you’re bringing with you. Start by doing an inventory of your home and sorting out everything. You can even earn money by selling anything you don’t need before moving out then add it to your relocation budget.
  6. Save your packing time by leaving out anything that is not safe for transportation. Note that, hazardous materials are corrosive, flammable and explosive. As such they pose a very serious threat when relocated. You need to dispose everything properly before you start packing.
  7. You should always practice safe packing. Start by inspecting everything carefully in the moving boxes. Don’t use those with any signs of damage, especially water damage. Secure the sides and the bottom parts of every cardboard box using packing tape to prevent any damage when you’re moving everything.
  8. Make sure the items that are easy to break such as glass items, art, chinaware and fragile electronic equipment should be safeguarded. When packing, you’re advised to use as much bubble wrap and packing paper as possible to avoid any damage.
  9. Remember, as much as you need to pack everything fast enough, you need to always be safe. Of course, that doesn’t mean taking too much time to pack your stuff allows you to reach the desired packing safety. You need to pack effectively and quickly while maintaining the best levels of safety.
  10. Now that you have considerably reduced the number of items you’re bringing with you and found the best packing materials as well as created a checklist for packing purposes, you need to follow practical tips to make everything easier.
  11. You need to know where to start packing for the move. You can start packing from the toughest rooms so that the whole process becomes easier the more rooms you handle. Some of the toughest areas to handle include the attic, basement and garage so that’s where you should start.
  12. Once you’ve started packing the storage rooms, the next rooms for packing should be easy enough to choose. You can choose the rooms that you often avoid to keep away the clutter with the packing supplies and boxes then finish with the rooms that you occupy each day.
  13. Are you wondering what to pack first when you’re moving? Well, you can start with things that you rarely use. Next, you should locate and pack all the non-essentials in your home to get a good start on the packing process.
  14. It’s impossible to pack up your entire home in a single go. However, you can break down the packing jobs from one room to the other and then break everything into smaller tasks. You will keep your motivation and speed up the entire process.
  15. Choose one room in your house as a packing station where all the packing activities will be handled. As a result, you will enjoy free access to the entire home without always battling mountains of packed boxes everywhere you go.
  16. Make sure you choose the right packing boxes for different household items. For instance, the large cardboard boxes should hold the lighter things while the small containers are good to handle heavy items. That way, you can avoid packing things in the wrong boxes that can easily break or get damaged.
  17. Place clean sheets of bubble wrap or packing paper at the bottom of every cardboard box before filling it up with your possessions. It will act as an initial layer of safety to protect your possessions once you’ve packed everything up.
  18. You should also use padding and filling materials in the boxes will make sure that all the fragile items will reach the new location without any damage. Use as many fillers as possible to prevent the items from shifting when they are being transported. If you don’t have enough filler material, you can always use old newspapers and old clothes.

In conclusion, moving is not easy but with a good packing strategy, you will get everything done within the shortest time possible. Even better, your items will reach the new location without any damage.