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Top 10 Trends in Kitchen Design this Year

Top 10 Trends in Kitchen Design this Year

May 1, 2020
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Top 10 Trends in Kitchen Design this Year

What are the top trends in kitchen design for 2020? The kitchen has come into its own in the past few years where style and design are concerned, and no longer is it solely a practical place to be!

10 Trends to try in your Kitchen this Year

To help you transform your kitchen space, we want to take a closer look at this year’s best design trends. Following are 10 of the most impressive kitchen design ideas for this year, so you can have a beautiful and stylish kitchen too.

1. Colours are in

You don’t have to stick to white! Kitchens are now full of colour, including everything from appliances, tiles and worktops to splashbacks and modern kitchen cabinets with bright and beautiful doors. Get some colour in your kitchen and see the difference.

2. Embrace the Modern

The farmhouse kitchen is a great feature in the right home, but why not go full-on modern? Stylish, streamlined and luxurious, look to metal and plastic finishes for a more up to the minute finish, and you’ll be impressed how affordable it can be.

3. Beautiful Lighting

Modern LED lighting is great for kitchens. Check out under the cupboard lighting that gives a nice warm glow, and you can fit LED’s on the ceiling too. They are far more energy-efficient than your traditional lights, so you save money.

4. Stunning Splashbacks

One area of kitchen design that has been taken much further lately applies to splashbacks, which you can now get in a variety of different materials. This is another area where the modern look is the one to go for, but even a traditional kitchen design can make use of them.

5. Smart Technology

A smart kitchen is something many new-build buyers specify. From automatic lighting to appliances that know what you want them to do – including fridges that are internet-connected and can order for you – there is something very impressive about smart kitchens, and they don’t have to be that expensive.

6. Efficient Design

Utilise that storage space better by looking at some of the many cleverly designed storage options. You don’t need to have traditional cupboards as such, as designers have gone to town on interior space-saving in recent years, and you’ll be surprised how clever they can be.

7. Stylish Floor

Forget the old lino solution, the hardwood floor is the way to go for modern kitchens. This option works with both super-modern and traditional looks, and there’s so much choice in shades, colours and styles.

8. On the Island

An island is a desirable feature in the bigger kitchen, adding a central focus point that can be used for various purposes. Take a look at some designs in stores and brochures and you’ll see how effective they can be.

9. Motion Sensors

This is the 21st century: lights should be able to know when you’re in the room! Even if you don’t have a full smart kitchen, motion sensors for lights are cheap, simple, and will impress your friends!

10. Fresh Fixtures

Get rid of that traditional faucet and go modern! The latest kitchen fixtures and fittings are very beautiful, very sleek and also very efficient, and you don’t have to break the bank to fit them!