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5 Types of Carpet for Your Home

5 Types of Carpet for Your Home

June 21, 2021
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Carpets are the most popular floor covering for homes. They come in a wide variety of colours and patterns, and also in different materials. Further to that, another distinguishing feature of carpet type is the pile. This is the individual strands that are weaved together to make the carpet. Following are five types of carpet that you might want to consider.

Cut Loop Carpet

A popular type of carpet, the cut loop carpet is one in which the pile is a combination of full and cut loops of the base material. This permits the maker to build a pattern into the carpet. The pile is usually nylon or polyester with this type of carpet.

Cut loop carpets are seen as dated by many people, yet this type of carpet is making a comeback with the rise of retro furnishing. Hard wearing and suitable for heavy footfall, this is a type that would look good in an older home as well as in a modern apartment.

Cut Pile Carpet

The cut pile carpet is the most popular of all with homeowners. With this type of carpet, the pile is cut, leaving a loose surface. The length of the pile determines how soft the carpet can be and you can find them in various options. Softer underfoot than a loop pile carpet, this type is also low maintenance but occasional carpet cleaning by a professional service provider will extend its lifetime.

Saxony Carpet

If you’re looking for a bit of luxury in your flooring, then the saxony carpet might be for you. Using individual strands that are upright and straight, and often in luxurious and soft wool, the saxony carpet is perfect for bedrooms where you need that soft feel underfoot and can be found in a wide choice of colours, styles, and pile lengths.

Look for one for the lounge or formal areas, but perhaps not best for those rooms with heavy footfall such as entrance hallways. Saxony carpets often carry a premium price.

Shag Pile Carpet

The longest and softest pile length of any carpet comes with the shag pile carpet. Rich and luxurious in feel, these carpets are popular with larger living space and provide copious comfort. Due to the length of the pile, they can easily pick up dirt and debris that becomes embedded in the fabric itself, hence regular vacuuming and occasional carpet cleaning is necessary with these beautiful carpets.

Polyester Carpet

Don’t be averse to polyester carpets as this material is rapidly becoming the most popular of all. This is because the material is durable, can be used in long or short pile form, and polyester carpets can be very beautiful and surprisingly affordable. This is the type of carpet to consider if you are looking for floor covering for an area that sees a lot of traffic through on a daily basis.

That’s five types of carpet to think about and there are more, so use our suggestions as a starting point and you’ll find the perfect carpet for your home.