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Why Are Shutters Better Than Blinds?

Why Are Shutters Better Than Blinds?

February 11, 2020
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Why are window shutters better than blinds

Have you considered investing in window shutters? Perhaps you have but have always dismissed it as you felt it wasn’t worth it because we never seem to have decent enough weather to warrant them.

There is a misconception that window shutters are somehow best suited to warmer climates when the truth is that yes, they are brilliant if you live in Spain, Italy or France, but they also work well with colder weather and climate.

Rather than purchasing blinds like you probably have done many times in the past, we want to show you why you should consider shutters. There are a number of great advantages shutters have over blinds that are worth exploring.

Benefits During Autumn and Winter

In the past, many people bought shutters as a way of providing their homes with additional protection and safety. Nowadays they are mostly bought for their appealing looks and the advantages they offer interiors.

As we noted at the outset, shutters are strongly connected to the warmer parts of Europe and the year, however, they can provide your home with a layer of protection and privacy, while reducing the amount of heat loss.

Benefits Through Spring and Summer

Window Shutters vs Blinds

During spring and summer, though, they also offer great advantages. Their very design enables you to control the amount of air and light entering your home.

Shutters also enable you to properly ventilate the rooms in your home when its dark at night and still very hot, while at the same time providing excellent privacy. Shutters also act as great shields for annoying and biting insects from getting into your home.

Durable and Easy to Maintain

There are also great benefits that shutters offer including the fact that they are designed and built to last. They are well-known for their durability.

What’s more, when you take care of them, they could possibly last a lifetime. Which is easy enough as they are very easy to look after.

Timeless and Stylish Design

Window Shutters in Your Home

As they last a long time, it’s good that they have a timeless and versatile designs that fits in with both traditional and modern interior decors and color schemes.

Comparing Them to Blinds

So, how do they compare to blinds? Shutters are more expensive, it’s fair to say, compared to blinds and even curtains. However, due to the durability they offer, it is a good idea to see them as an actual piece of furniture rather than just an accessory or finishing touch.

Blinds may be cheaper and may be easier to change. It’s worth noting there are shutters though that you can buy that look like blinds, allowing you the best of both worlds. The appealing look and design of blinds with the longevity of shutters.

Obviously, in the end, it is really down to your own personal preference as to which you prefer. We think as an investment to help provide your home with privacy and greater control over the amount of light, air, and heat you allow into your home, shutters are the best choice.