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Why Torpedo Level and Digital Caliper Used for?

Why Torpedo Level and Digital Caliper Used for?

February 25, 2020
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Why Torpedo Level and Digital Caliper Used for

There are some tools that are essential in any toolbox, whether for DIY or professional purposes. You have all your standard items, but do you have a torpedo level? And, does your kit include a digital caliper?

These are two of the tools that are absolutely vital when it comes to many different areas of construction and carpentry, as well as for home DIY projects. They are both aimed at improving accuracy, so what does each do, and why do you need one? Let’s start with the Torpedo Level.

What is a Torpedo Level?

What is a Torpedo Level

Whether you’re involved in the renovation of a property, laying a deck or indulging in DIY carpentry, you need to know that everything is level, and that means both horizontally and vertically. This is where your spirit level comes into the picture. A torpedo level is a type of level that takes the simple concept a touch further and provides you with accurate results so you can be sure of level surfaces.

A Best Torpedo Level is usually made from a lightweight metal or from plastic and contains two or three vials – marked as you will be familiar with – for measuring as you require. The way they work is the same as the standard carpenters level, but they tend to be more robust and come in a variety of different sizes.

You can also find more sophisticated torpedo levels with features such as a magnetic plate – great for when working on metal surfaces – and some with laser beams for added accuracy. The choice is yours, but if you are still using an old-style level, it might be work checking out these affordable and usable items as an upgrade to your tool kit.

What is a Digital Caliper?

What is a Digital Caliper

A Digital Caliper used for measuring small distances – usually thicknesses – in a wide range of areas of industry.  Mechanical calipers involved moving metal points together until they both touched the sides of the object being measures – perhaps a sheet of metal – and then reading off a scale as accurately as possible.

Digital calipers take accuracy to another level. They use the same concept – and may also feature a manual readout – but they have a digital readout that displays the thickness as measured. They can switch between metric and imperial measurements at the touch of a button, and you can even hold the measurement in one click if you need to, rather than having to write it down.

We suggest purchasing Mitutoyo because this is one of The Best Digital Caliper For Reloading. These digital caliper is accurate to a far greater degree – you may find on that is accurate to three decimal places – and are very easy to use, and quite simply are a must for any sensible toolbox.

If you’re looking to upgrade your tool kit, the torpedo level, and digital caliper make for good, affordable and very usable items that will certainly be found useful, so why not check them out further and choose from the many different models of each available right now.